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Walter Inu, The Last OG


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Walter Inu was created based on the Bull Terrier meme from Dogelore. Our main goal is to spread endless positivity and laughter across the Internet through our memes. We as a community believe that our memes are the funniest in the game because of the good spirit of the Bull Terrier dog breed. Walter is not just your average group of crypto investors, Walter is a Web3 movement.

Walter TakeOver


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Meme World

The one stop shop for all meme coin communities, we aim to revolutionize the space. All income generated from listings and advertising will be distributed proportionately to $WINU holders.



There are only 100 First Edition World Of Walter NFTs that are needed to play our P2E Game. More collections such as 3D NFTs will be released in the future.

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P2E Game

World Of Walters is a fun and exciting game that will earn you BNB for playing. Walter will conquer all dogs in this extravaganza.

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Our NFT Marketplace is where you can buy and sell your Walter NFTs. This is featured on our dapp.


Walter DAO

Being a fully community-driven token, the Walter DAO will give the people even more of a say of what the future moves of Walter will entail.

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Memes are the root of what Walter Inu is all about. They will continue to play a huge role in attracting new investors and getting people's attention.

Featured Articles

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Buy $WINU ON Voltichange to help burn Walter's Supply.

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Meet The Team

Dennis Walter


Dennis is just a name that stuck in the crypto scene, but his real name is WIlliam Best. With a degree in Agricultural Leadership from Texas A&M, he is very experienced in Sales & Marketing. Dennis enjoys reading, writing and anything related to Personal Growth.

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Dixon is one of the founders of UGI which is a huge crypto community in Indonesia. His leadership and loyalty to his people is quite admirable. He enjoys watching basketball and hockey, loves to travel and has a big heart for animals.

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Community Mascot


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Total Supply - 100,000,000,000

Circulating supply - 87,587,348,641

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Every Walter Inu transaction helps fund the future growth of our token. 3 percent of every buy, and 9 percent of every sell goes towards our marketing budget to help us build brand awareness for Walter.

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It is very key to have a healthy Liquidity Pool, so 1 percent of each buy and sell is distributed towards this. The more this grows the more stable price will maintain in the future.

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We believe in rewarding our diamond hand holders, so 1 percent of each buy and sell is redistributed to all Walter holders! Receive extra tokens for simply holding $WINU.

Contract Address - 0x42C1613dD2236CFd60B5cbEc846b5EAD71be99Df

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